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A Day at the Office (Sept 19th, 2022)

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Heather is watching a funeral on the TV and I’m keeping out of the way. The thought of professional welshman Huw Edwards and the sycophant in chief Nicholas Wychell is just too much.

How do I feel in these days of BBC overkill? I thought our Queen did a tremendous job as Head of State. I’m as sorry for her family as I would be for any other family who lost a 96 year old mother, who I didn’t know well. And then there is the BIG BUT! The fact that we get a head of state who gets the job merely by being related to the last one is just plain wrong. The problem for those of us who think that the monarchy is an anachronism is that the Queen did such a good job for such a long time. And the question that is always thrown back is…… “who else would have done such a good job”. A fair question but this misses the point completely. We supposedly live in a (fairly) modern democracy and, as such, an unelected Head of State, just like an unelected House of Lords is WRONG!!!

Clive Lewis MP argues this case far better than I could HERE

So we soldier on with a new Head of State and a right wing populist as prime minister, heading into a cost of living crisis where the government’s main aim seems to be to make sure they and their financial supporters are as insulated as possible from the effects.

Intersting times ahead.

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