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Back from the Wilds

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Just back from a weekend in North Wales with good mates from Southport. No phone signal. No wifi. I didn’t see any news from Thursday lunchtime till Sunday evening and it was bliss.

We stayed near Beddgelert which is one of my favourite places in Britain. Surrounded by lakes, mountains, waterfalls, it really is beautiful despite Friday morning’s torrential rain.

Llyn Dinas

Unfortunately, like the Lake District, there seems to be a lack of bird life in the area. I’m not sure whether this is to do with the time of day I tend to be out (ie NOT early!) or some environmental or climatic issues. I have read that the virtual monoculture of sheep farming in the Lake District is held to be partly responsible, and this area is similar agriculturally speaking. It would be nice to think something could be done about this, but I’m not sure this government is the one to do it.

Llyn Cau – Cader Idris

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