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In the words of Marvin Gaye “Wha’s Happenin’ Bro”

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As a country we’ve lost a Home Secretary and then a Chief Whip and her Deputy and then got them back, and then a Prime Minister. We’re now being threatened with the return of our recently ex-PM and 2 failed leadership candidates in our ex-Chancellor and a lady that the majority of the population wouldn’t recognise if she fell on their collective heads. I appreciate that, due to our stupid electoral system, we don’t actually have to have an election, but, really……. come on now! This will be the third PM since the last election. Enough is enough…….. go to the country!

On the medical front, last year I tried to get travel insurance and the best quote I could get was around £900 for 2 weeks, just for me. Tried again last week and, guess what, £282 for the 2 of us for a multi trip policy.. Unfortunately my medication will probably be changed at my next appointment in November, so I am not going to take this but wait until after my November appointment. But at least I’m starting from a lower level than last time. Really looking forward to the Dordogne next year. Hope it comes off.

Sarlat le Caneda

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