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To Watch or not To Watch….. That is the question!

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The great moral dilemma is whether to watch the World Cup or not and I’m torn.

Reasons to Boycott:

  • In the wrong place… Qatar’s human rights record stinks
  • At the wrong time…. It’s in the middle of our season
  • England are a deeply unattractive side to watch with a deeply risk averse manager
  • Wales might do well and we would have to watch Gareth Bale making stupid heart signs
  • The best passer of the ball in the England squad is being taken as a back-up because of injuries to less accomplished players

Reasons to Watch

  • England might (big might) win
  • Brazil might play like in 1970
  • Holland might discover a new Cruyff, Gullit, Van Basten and Rijkard all at the same time
  • Lionel Messi
  • Germany might get stuffed by everybody they play
  • Harry Kane might explode in indignation after not being given a penalty for an obvious dive

Are there too many “mights” in the reasons to watch column?

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